Channel your sense of style, interest in interior design and architecture and your sense of community in a high-end magazine that captures the unique stories of the many local resources who produce products and services for affluent homeowners.

Our publishers fill an important role in their community creating a highly visible and influential magazine.

Combining the unrestricted access to over 17 years worth of national and regional design articles in an extensive cloud-based asset library, coupled with the editorial flexibility to educate readers about local design finds and trends specific to their market, Home Design & Decor Magazine publishers create a product that is highly appealing to local businesses and consumers alike.

We offer the flexibility to keep your business large or small, set your own hours and work with a staff of freelance design and sales professionals. Unlike many other franchise opportunities, with Home Design & Decor Magazine, you don’t need any inventory, special equipment or expensive real estate leases. Overhead is kept to a minimum as you choose the environment that is best for your business.

But perhaps the biggest bonus is the unlimited earning potential and the ability to set your own schedule that allows the flexibility to spend time with your family.


The publisher responsibilities include:

  • Leading a local sales team and meeting with potential advertising clients
  • Networking with prominent interior designers, architects and related design businesses to discuss projects that could be profiled in the magazine
  • Scouting and photographing feature homes
  • Working with an editor to decide local editorial content
  • Working with a graphic designer to decide magazine layout
  • Deciding which neighborhoods and retail locations that will receive the magazine
  • Promoting the magazine through various industry networking events
  • Creating social media awareness of the magazine and local design trends

Does this sound like something you wound enjoy? If so, contact us.


It’s a multi-channel marketing world and brands need to reach out to consumers across a myriad of print, broadcast and online platforms. But what role do magazines continue to play? Research shows magazines are more critical than ever to push through the clutter.

  • Print pushes consumer purchasing
  • Print can be the catalyst with other media
  • Print increases ad and brand recall
  • Print has the highest ROAS (return on ad spend) of all other media

Magazines have long been known as the most influential of all media, and now, reliable third- party research proves that they are also the best place to drive sales. Nielsen Catalina Solutions analyzed 1400 campaigns across measured media types and results show magazines yield the HIGHEST Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), with an average return of $3.94 for every dollar spent on advertising.

Bottom line? Magazines inspire consumers and deliver results advertisers demand.

But locally, few cities have shelter magazines with highly targeted distribution (compared to mainly pick up or subscription channels) and the ability to leverage native advertising for the greatest marketing impact.

Home Design & Decor Magazine fills this void by capturing the unique stories of the local design community while providing a platform for local businesses to educate a very targeted affluent base of readers. This is all done in a format that rivals the design standards and high quality of national shelter magazines.


Upscale shelter magazines have long been an important resource for affluent consumers and the design trade for many years.

In a recent report for the upscale shelter category prepared by the Association of Magazine Media, they noted that the readership for Architectural Digest rose 47 percent in 2016. But it’s not just the national shelter titles like Architectural Digest enjoying success with readers. The entire shelter category grew 28.3 percent, in contrast to all measured magazine media, which saw its audiences grow just over 5 percent.


The ideal Home Design & Decor Magazine publisher:

  • Enjoys interior design, decorating, outdoor living and architecture
  • Enjoys the visibility, responsibility and prestige that comes with ownership of a prominent design magazine in their community
  • Enjoy sales and the rewards of cultivating relationships with other small business owners
  • Is self-motivated, good with goal setting and driven
  • Is persistent and professional with their approach to prospects
  • Has good communication and organizational skills
  • Understands and drives toward deadlines

With a comprehensive training and support program, potential franchisees should rest assured they have the flexibility to shape their local magazine to the needs of their territory while at the same time, have access to the processes and content that has made our magazine so successful for over 17 years.